Who can apply

Any Indian National who is above the age of 21 years, and has demonstrable interest in the Mission of the Society, can apply for membership. Membership is subject to approval by the Executive Council (EC) of the society.

There are two kinds of membership:

a) Annual Membership: Rs 2000/- per person, valid for one year. Students applying for an annual membership can avail a discounted rate of Rs 1000/- per person. In this context a “student” is defined as any individual enrolled in courses up to and including PhD.

b) Life Membership: Rs 20,000/- valid for 15 years. Note that life membership is also open for students. However, there is no student discount for life membership.

Process of applying for membership:

STEP1: Individuals who desire to be members of ISEB should apply by filling up the online application form.

STEP2: The EC will scrutinize the application and might ask for additional information, if needed. The decision of the EC shall be communicated through an email to the applicant. Note that the EC reserves the right to reject an application.

STEP3: The applicants approved for membership will then be required to pay the appropriate fees using the banking information provided in the email mentioned in STEP2.

STEP4: After paying the fees, the members then need to fill up a second form in which they will be asked to upload a pdf of the proof of the banking transaction.

STEP5: Once the payment is confirmed by the bank, the applicant’s membership shall be confirmed and the applicant informed over email. This email shall contain the applicant’s membership number. The applicant’s membership of the Society will start from the date on which this email is generated.

Banner image by Nireekshit from Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-4.0